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RAN’S DIARY – the SEXSTORY without love

ran's diary

courtesy © Kyong-ju Park, SALAD

m u s i c   f o r   R A N ‘ S   D I A R Y   c o m p o s e d   b y
W o l f g a n g   i n   d e r   W i e s c h e

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” R a n ‘ s   D i a r y ”

T h e   S E X S T O R Y   w i t h o u t   l o v e

Ran’s Diary, unrespected deaths series III of Salad, was planned to deal with issues of migration through an unrespected death of a migrant woman who crossed the border. This series consists of total four creative performances starting from “Do You Remember Me?” (2010), a report on death of a Korean miner who was dispatched to Germany, and it also includes “Yeosu_Beginning, Middle, and the End” (2010) a report on death of migrant workers, and Ran’s Diary (2011), a report on death of a migrant woman who crossed the border for international marriage which is almost like human trafficking.

2011 Regular Performance by The Creative Artists’ Group SALAD
Unrespected Deaths Series III

Date: May 22nd (Sun)-24th (Tue) 3pm, 7:30pm
Place: Box Theatre on the 3rd floor of Seoul Art Space_Mullae
Writer/Director: Kyong-ju Park
Motion: Yuko Kaseki
Music: Wolfgang in der Wiesche
Characters: Purev Dahmaa(Chaw), Lorna de Mateo(Ran), Ganga Bahdur Gurung(Namsik Kim), Jin Guihua(International marriage broker), Munkh Zaya(Chorus), others
Ticket price: 20,000KRW
Reservation: Mecena Ticket / SALAD Tel. 2254 0517, 2672 0517 /
E-mail: press@saladtv.kr
Discount: 25% discount for a group, 26% discount for the handicapped, 80% discount when becoming a sponsor of SALAD


Ran, a friend of Chaw, died but the police concluded that she committed suicide without any specific investigation. Chaw could not accept the situation. While she packed Ran’s stuff, she discovered Ran’s diary and she was sure that Ran had not killed herself. However, unfortunately, Ran stopped writing a diary three days before her death. Chaw visited Ran’s ex-husband Namsik Kim to identify the truth of Ran’s death…

Host- Production- Planning: Salad  Sponsor: Seoul Foundation for Art and Culture, Underground Art Channel, Salad TV

ran's diary korean

courtesy © Kyong-ju Park, SALAD

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aktuelle Filmvorführungen/ screenings/ Frankfurt am Main & Berlin – Deborah Phillips

Music/Sound Design: Wolfgang in der Wiesche
with Ruth Wiesenfeld (sound collages and mix in CAPSICUM)
and Nandkishor Muley (Santoor in SANTOOR)

capsicum still

C A P S I C U M , still

santoor still

S A N T O O R , still feat. Nandkishor Muley

mosaic still

M O S A ï C , still
all images courtesy © deborah phillips

Frankfurt am Main, Go West Festival


05.05.: C A P S I C U M  von Deborah Phillips
08.05.: S A N T O O R   &   M O S A ï C  von Deborah Phillips



14.06.: M O S A ï C  von Deborah Phillips

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R A N ‘ S   D I A R Y

Theaterperformance der Multicultural Artist Group SALAD
Künstlerische Leitung: Park, Kyongju
Musik: Wolfgang in der Wiesche
22.05. – 24.5.2011
Seoul, Südkorea