films & performance | by Deborah Phillips | with Tobias Schmuecking live | music & sound design by Wolfgang in der Wiesche | @ ROBERT KOEPKE HAUS | Schieder-Schwalenberg | 27.07.2019


image courtesy © Deborah S. Phillips | still from: Santoor | experimental documentary, 13min., c, 16mm, 1998 || Capsium | animation, 11 min., c, 16mm, 2008 || IM GRÜNEN BEREICH – all is good, all’s green | animation, 16mm, c, 13:30min., 2017 || © ww-2007 | self portrait | digital photography || © ww 1997 | music for films | CD | private release

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ROBERT KOEPKE HAUS | Schieder-Schwalenberg | presents


COLOURS & COLLABORATIONS offers different layers and aspects to deal with cinematic and animated problems as well as pattern, textures and color developed in the dark room of the film strip itself in an active dialogue with music and sound. The program also includes the premiere of the 16mm, single 8 and slides performance VERDE VERMELHAR (Green turns Red, 2019).

I looked for films in which colors, textures, light and
time were more important than people and stories.
(Deborah S. Phillips)

DEBORAH S. PHILLIPS (de) is an artist who has been working on celluloid since the early nineties and various analogue media, including printmaking, tiny collages in slides frames as well as 35mm and 16mm film, drawing, handmade books, etc. She has been & still is active in several artists-run organisations. See:

TOBIAS SCHMÜCKING (de) is a filmmaker and musician. His analogue films explore the fields between experimental and narrative; in his musi,c he transforms fragments of melodies and chords into soundscapes. See:

WOLFGANG IN DER WIESCHE (de) is an artist who works with a wide range of media (more than there’s space for here). See:


image courtesy © Robert Koepke Haus 2019

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INTRODUCTION (english) | Deborah S. Phillips and Tobias Schmücking

SANTOOR | 1996 | 35 to 16mm | color | sound | 13’00 | Music: Nandkishor Muley & Wolfgang in der Wiesche
Nandkishor Muley moves between countries, musical styles and different fields. This is a commonality with Deborah: over a few years, he insisted that she make a film about him…

CAPSICUM | 2008 | 16mm | color | sound | 11’00 | Sound / Composition: Ruth Wiesenfeld | Music: Wolfgang in der Wiesche.
The associations vary widely when it comes to the colour red. This film marks the beginning of Deborah’s colour research

IM GRÜNEN BEREICH | 2017 | 16mm | color | sound | 13’50 | Sound: Wolfgang in der Wiesche & Ruth Wiesenfeld
If everything is alright in German, it’s in the green zone

TORNASOLADA SORORIDAD DADA | 2019 | 16mm | color | silent | 3’00 | by D. S. Phillips & Melina Pafundi
A collaborative exploration of the aesthetic of passing an object on and collaboratively manipulating developing chemicals…

VERDE VERMELHAR (Green turns Red) | 16mm & single 8 & slides | color | live & recorded sound | ca 20’00
At a meeting of analogue film artists, Bains argentiques in 2016, in Nantes, three colleagues Ж, Deborah & Tobias began to explore aspects of this complementary colour combination on a number of levels. The nature of language and misunderstanding through translation plays a crucial role.
Ж, who, among other things, came up with the title, can not be in Brussels because he lives & works in Brazil. He is, nonetheless, an essential part of this exploration of the dynamic of complementary contrasts.

with Deborah S. Phillips, Tobias Schmücking

find information on works by Deborah S. Phillips (click here)

LEO AWARD by filmFest Braunschweig for Ruth WiesenfeldDeborah S. Phillips for Pfffhp tt!, 2012

DEBORAH S. PHILLIPS was awarded the L’Alternativa Hall Lomography Prize at the 20th edition of the Barcelona Independent Film Festival, l’Alternativa, made up of Sesi Bergeret, Pere Ginard, Céline Pimentel and Tess Renaudo on 22 November 2013 for her film PFFFHP TT! by Deborah S. Phillips (Germany)

read more @ BLOGERIM, Jewish Museum Berlin

Deborah Phillips @ wordpress   |  films of Deborah Phillips @ lightcone

view portfolio  |  @  saatchi art  ||  @  Pollock-Krasner Foundation  ||  @  artward  ||  @  LensCulture

Wolfgang in der Wiesche ist/is Stipendiat der/grantee of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, New York (2012-13) | and was nominated for Mario Merz Prize 2014, Fondatione Merz, and nominated for a Fellowship of the Alfred Wegener Institute in cooperation with Hanse Institute for Advanced Study, Bremerhaven/Delmenhorst (runner-up) | ausgewählt als/selected “Artist of the Week/Day” by curator Aurora Garrison @  saatchi art (11/2018)

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freelance painter, photographer, media artist as well as composer of music for experimental film, documentary, experimental theatre and performance art, independent projects // freischaffend als Maler, Grafiker, Fotograf, Medienkünstler und als Komponist und Musiker für Experimentalfilm, Dokumentarfilm, experimentelles Theater und Performance, freie Projekte

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