FILM PREMIERE @ DIFFRAKTION #10 | YONG BU FANG CHI | by Deborah Phillips | LABOR BERLIN | ACUD MACHT NEU | Feb., 15 | music & sound design by Wolfgang in der Wiesche


image courtesy © Deborah S. Phillips | stills from: YONG BU FANG CHI | 16mm, c, 3:00min., 2019 | stills by ww

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PREMIERE of the experimental short film | YONG BU FANG CHI | by Deborah S. Phillips | music and sound design by Wolfgang in der Wiesche @ DIFFRAKTION #10 | Feb., 15, 2020 | LaborBerlin

Yong Bu Fang Chi, 16mm, 3 min. 2020
with Samer Albunni
Klangkomposition: Wolfgang in der Wiesche

Yong Bu Fang Chi: May Wish to Eat, the title of the film, is a (misunderstood) transcription of the actually meant Yong Bu Fang Qi: Never Give Up

Premiere am 15. Feb. @ DIFFRAKTION, Acud, Veteranenstr. Berlin

(please check the screening location on the LaborBerlin website)

DIFFRAKTION #10 | ACUD MACHT NEU (click links to read more…)

LABOR BERLIN e.V. in cooperation with ACUD MACHT NEU will present the 10th edition of DIFFRAKTION, an annual showcase highlighting new works by LaborBerlin members and friends. This year they will also host a special screening of experimental west German films from the 80’s, with works by Rosi S.M., Heike Nikolaus, Die Tödliche Doris and Dagie Brundert.

ABOUT | LaborBerlin e.V. | on facebook events
LaborBerlin e.V is a nonprofit, independent film collective, open to every individual interested in artist-run initiatives and especially in analogue film practice, which embraces a more experimental and D.I.Y., craft approach to film production.

find information on upcoming screenings of film works by Deborah S. Phillips (click here)

LEO AWARD by filmFest Braunschweig for Ruth WiesenfeldDeborah S. Phillips for Pfffhp tt!, 2012

DEBORAH S. PHILLIPS was awarded the L’Alternativa Hall Lomography Prize at the 20th edition of the Barcelona Independent Film Festival, l’Alternativa, made up of Sesi Bergeret, Pere Ginard, Céline Pimentel and Tess Renaudo on 22 November 2013 for her film PFFFHP TT! by Deborah S. Phillips (Germany)

read more @ BLOGERIM, Jewish Museum Berlin

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Wolfgang in der Wiesche ist/is Stipendiat der/grantee of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, New York (2012-13) and Wilke Atelier, Verein zur Kunstförderung e.V., Bremerhaven | and was nominated for Mario Merz Prize 2014, Fondatione Merz, and nominated for a Fellowship of the Alfred Wegener Institute in cooperation with Hanse Institute for Advanced Study, Bremerhaven/Delmenhorst (runner-up) | ausgewählt als/selected “Artist of the Week/Day” by curator Aurora Garrison @  saatchi art (11/2018)

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About xtendedline
freelance painter, photographer, media artist as well as composer of music for experimental film, documentary, experimental theatre and performance art, independent projects // freischaffend als Maler, Grafiker, Fotograf, Medienkünstler und als Komponist und Musiker für Experimentalfilm, Dokumentarfilm, experimentelles Theater und Performance, freie Projekte

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