drifter | Bremerhaven | photography | Fotografie | edition | new works by Wolfgang in der Wiesche


© ww 2019 | drifter | Bremerhaven | digital photography | pigmented inkjet print on archival matte | 30 x 45 cm | edition | WW 09/2019

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a wooden drifter, part of a scientific programme of the University of Oldenburg to observe routes of drifting plastic garbage down the river Weser into the sea, this one: Ort des Drifter-Auswurfs / Release Site of the Drifter: Nordenham (Nordenham) Datum des Auswurfs / Release Date: 09.03.2017 – found almost opposite of the release location 12.09.2019, Bremerhaven…

shot in September 2019 in Bremerhaven

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Wolfgang in der Wiesche ist/is Stipendiat der/grantee of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, New York (2012-13) and Wilke Atelier, Verein zur Kunstförderung e.V., Bremerhaven | and was nominated for Mario Merz Prize 2014, Fondatione Merz, and nominated for a Fellowship of the Alfred Wegener Institute in cooperation with Hanse Institute for Advanced Study, Bremerhaven/Delmenhorst (runner-up) | ausgewählt als/selected “Artist of the Week/Day” by curator Aurora Garrison @  saatchi art (11/2018)

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